20 Ton G/P Bucket
200 General Purpose 20 Ton
200 Trench Bucket 0.5m³
22 Ton G/P Bucket
220-240 Rock Bucket 2.2m³
24 Ton G/P Bucket
29 Ton G/P Bucket
2DX 300mm Bucket
3.2m³ Bucket G/P
30 Ton G/P Bucket
3CX 4 in 1 Bucket
3CX 610mm Wide
3CX Backhoe 300mm
3CX Shovel Bucket Std.
Backhoe 610mm Wide
Clam Shell Bucket
Grapple Bucket
JS 200 Bucket Std.
JS 240 Bucket Std.
JS 290 Bucket Std.
JS 290 Rock Bucket
JS 290 Trench Bucket 900mm
JS 330 Std Bucket
JSB WLS 432 ZX 3.5m³ Shovel Std.
Pad Foot Shell
Shovel 2.2m³
Trench 700mm Wide (Ripper)
Wheel Loader Bucekt 3.0m³
Wheel Loader Bucket 0.8m³
Wheel Loader Bucket 2.7m³
Wheel Loader Bucket 4.0m³
Wheel Loader Bucket 4.2m³
WLS 426 ZX 2.4m³ Bucket
WLS 436 ZX 2.0m³ Bucket
WLS 436 ZX 2.4m³ Bucket
WLS 456 ZX 5.5m³ Bucket
WLS 456 ZX Setona Bucket0
WLS 456 ZX Standard
WLS 467 5.0m³ Coal Bucket
WLS 467 ZX 4.0m³ Bucket
Safety Cage 2m x 1.2m With Mesh Floor
1021F 2.5m³ Chorme
1021F 2.75m³ Chrome
1021F 3.5m³ Chrome
1021F 3.5m³ GP Bucket
1021F 4.1m³ GP Bucket
4x1 Loader 1m³
570T 300mm Backhoe .08m³
570T 300mm Trenching Bucket Extended Middle Tooth and Wear Protection
570T 450mm Backhoe 0.12m³
570T 600mm Backhoe 0.18m³
570T 760mm Backhoe 0.26m³
570T 910mm Backhoe 0.3m³
570T Flip Over Forks Weld On
570T Front Loader 1.1m³
570T Front Loader 1.2m³
570T Front Loader 1m³
580T 600mm 0.18m³ Backhoe Bucket
580T Flip Over Forks Bolt On
580T Flip Over Forks weld on
621F 2m³ Gp Bucket Normal Cutting Edge
695SR trenching bucket.
800mm GP Trenching Bucket For Case 210
821F 1.25m³ Chrome
821F 2.0m³ Chrome
821F 2.7m³ GP Bucket
821F 3.2m³ GP Bucket
821F 3.6m³ GP Bucket
821F 3m³ HD Bucket
821f 4.5m³ Heaped
Convert Cx240 To Cx210
CX210 Rock Bucket 800mm
CX210B 1.0m³
CX240B 1.2m³
CX240B 1.2m³ GP
CX290B 1.4m³
SR130 0.33m³  1524mm
SR150 0.33m³  1524mm
SR175 0.43m³  1676mm
SR200 0.43m³  1676mm
SR250 0.47m³  1828mm
SV300 0.47m³  1828mm
Cat 320 Excavator ROCK 20Ton
Cutting Edge 1830mm Bolt On
0.37m³ 1580mm Bucket
0.4m³ GP Bucket
0.4m³ GP Bucket 541-70 Load-All
0.6m³ Bucket JCB TLT35D
1.0m³ Tele-handler GP Bucket, Q-fit for the JCB 541-70.
1200mm Class B2 Forks & Hydraulic Tine
1680mm Reversible Cutting Edge Bolt on
1830mm Reversible Cutting Edge Bolt on
190 Skid-Steer Bucket 72" 1829mm 0.44m³
3 Ton Jib 600mm
527-28 Load-all Grab
560 Telehandler 3.5m Push Blade Extention
Bail Forks Caterpillar TLB
Belly Plate for JCB Forklift
Cab Enclose TLT35d
Dozer Blade Fixed @ 30deg Angle
Enclose Cab Complete: Wiper Motor/ Air Conditioning / Heater Unit
Enclose JCB 35B Tele-Handler Cab
Fork Attachement With Side Shift 155 Skid-Steer (Class1) Includes 2froks & 1 Cylinder for side shift purposes
JCB 930 Log-Grab Adapter
Pallet Forks Class 1 & Mounting Frame 1070mm
Push/Pull Blade
Quick-Hitch Class 3 Fork Attachment
Quick-Hitch Profile Attachement for JCB 35D Teletruck
Safety Cage 2m x 1.2m With Mesh Floor { Max Load 450kg }
Snow Blade 1850mm LR  --- FB
SSL190 1660mm Skid-Steer Bucket 0.5m³
Tele-Truck Bucket TLT35D
Wear Plate
Flange od 1900mm x id1700mm
Flange od 2150mm x id1750mm
Fitting Of Forks
SR175 Skid Steer Fork Kit
1200mm Classs B2 Forks & Hydaulic Tine
Sugar Cane Grab
Hitachi EX120/ZX120  650mm Wide Rock Bucket
Bottom Dump Hopper Mechanical Hatch 1cube
Hyundai HL760-9S 4.3m³
Hyundai HL770-9S Loader  7m³ Bucket
3 Ton JIB 600mm
Komatsu pc200 ROCK 20 Ton
Komatsu pc350 ROCK 35 Ton
Load All Bucket 0.9m³
Load All Bucket 1.3m³
Load All Bucket 4m³
Load All Bucket 6m³
10 Ton Log Grab
3CX 6 in one  Rear Cutting Edge
3CX 900mm Wide
467  To Convert and fit G.E.T
50mm Pins For Dozer
Bell 230e 600mm Trenching bucket
Crane Jib and hook Extention 3m
Komatsu Pc200 Trenching Bucket 600mm With Ripper & Side Cutters
New Holland Forks
New Holland LB90B 1m³ Bucket
XG935 Quick Hitch Dozer Blade
360deg Rotating Grab
Skid Steer Scraper Blade Adjustable
3 Ton Tyre Handler Adjust form1300 to 2000mm
1000 Litre Tow Bowser Braked Axle 14" Wheels Cabon Steel (Braked Single Axle)
2000 Litre Tow Bowser Braked Axle 14" Wheels Cabon Steel (Braked Single Axle)
2000 Litre Tow Bowser Braked Axles 15" Wheels, Carbon Steel (Braked Double Axle)
2500 Litre Tow Bowser Braked Axles 14" Wheels, Carbon Steel (Braked Double Axle)
Flat Deck Trailer - Chassis -15" Wheels - AFTS Deck Size of 130cm X 2820cm 2.5Ton Chassis Vastrap Deck
Landing Legs
1000 Litre Tow Bowser Braked Axle 14" Wheels Stainless Steel (Braked Single Axle)
2000 Litre Tow Bowser Braked Axle 14" Wheels Stainless Steel (Braked Single Axle)
2000 Litre Tow Bowser Braked Axles 15" Wheels Stailnless Steel (Braked Double Axle)

The Foot Operated Hand Sanitizer Unit as originally designed by Dig-Dog (Pty) Ltd
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